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The handpicked Engineering journals and articles

Editor-in-Chief: Jianbin Luo
Associated societies: Tsinghua University Press, State Key Laboratory of Tribology (Tsinghua University) and Chinese Tribology Institute

International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering
Editor-in-Chief: Mehrtash Motamedi
Associated society: Islamic Azad University

International Journal of Coal Science & Technology
Editor-in-Chief: Suping Peng
Associated society: China Coal Society

International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
Impact Factor: 1.411
Editor-in-Chief: Hyundo Yun
Associated society: Korea Concrete Institute

International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering
Director-in-Chief: F. Fazelpour, Islamic Azad University
Editor-in-Chief: M. A. Rosen
Associated society: Islamic Azad University


International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Editor-in-Chief: Ramesh Singh

Journal of Industrial Engineering International
Editors-in-Chief: Sadigh Raissi
Associated society: Islamic Azad University

Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy
Impact Factor: 0.975
Editor-in-Chief: Yusheng Xue
Associated society: State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

Journal of Modern Transportation
Honorary Editor-in-Chief: Zhiyun Shen
Editor-in-Chief: Yong Zhao
Associated society: Southwest Jiaotong University 

Micro and Nano Systems Letters
Editor-in-Chief: Jun-Bo Yoon
Assicated society: The Society of Micro and Nano Systems

Nano-Micro LettersNano-Micro Letters - SpringerOpen
Impact Factor: 3.012

Editor-in-Chief: Yafei (Anderson) Zhang

Editor-in-Chief: Toshio Fukuda
Associated societies: The Robotics and Mechatronics Division of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Urban Rail Transit
Honorary Editor-in-Chief: Zhongheng Shi
Editor-in-Chief: Bin Ning

Visualization in EngineeringVisualization in Engineering - SpringerOpen
Editor-in-Chief: Xiangyu Wang
Associated societies: Curtin University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and National Taiwan University