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Emerging Air Interfaces and Management Technologies for the 5G Era

This Special Issue originates from the international conference EuCNC2016, which was held in June 2016 in Athens, Greece. It seeks to publish some key contributions presented at the conference describing different aspects in the most recent 5G activities in the areas of Air Interfaces and Management Technologies. The series continues with further articles in the context of the same area. 5G (5th Generation) mobile networks/wireless systems are the next step of mobile telecommunication standards, offering services and speed far beyond what 4G may offer. The most recent research activities focus on the development of 5G communications and networks, aiming to be fully available for the consumers through their devices by 2020. The scope of this Special Issue is to focus on aspects like 5G communications and networks technologies and more specifically Air Interfaces and Management Technologies.

Edited by: Panagiotis Demestichas, Emmanuel Protonotarios, Bernard Barani, Didier Bourse and Victor C.M. Leung

  1. Research

    Context-aware radio resource management below 6 GHz for enabling dynamic channel assignment in the 5G era

    Heterogeneous networks constitute a promising solution to the emerging challenges of 5G networks. According to the specific network architecture, a macro-cell base station (MBS) shares the same spectral resour...

    Ioannis-Prodromos Belikaidis, Stavroula Vassaki, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Aristotelis Margaris, Federico Miatton, Uwe Herzog, Kostas Tsagkaris and Panagiotis Demestichas

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2017 2017:162

    Published on: 26 September 2017

  2. Research

    Performance of emerging multi-carrier waveforms for 5G asynchronous communications

    This paper presents an extensive and fair comparison among the most promising waveform contenders for the 5G air interface. The considered waveform contenders, namely filter-bank multi-carrier (FBMC), universa...

    Mathieu Van Eeckhaute, André Bourdoux, Philippe De Doncker and François Horlin

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2017 2017:29

    Published on: 7 February 2017

  3. Research

    RIePDMA and BP-IDD-IC detection

    Pattern division multiple access (PDMA) is a non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) scheme which is proposed to meet the demand of massive connection in the future 5G communications. In this paper, we build a r...

    Jie Zeng, Dan Kong, Bei Liu, Xin Su and Tiejun Lv

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2017 2017:12

    Published on: 10 January 2017