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Algorithms and Architectures for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

Although the wireless sensor networks have been proposed, studied and developed for more than a decade of years, there are still a lot of challenging issues especially in various industrial scenarios. New algorithms and architectures for the current industrial wireless sensor networks shall be explored to ensure the efficiency, robustness and consistence in variable application environments which concern different issues, such as the smart grid, water supply, gas monitoring, etc. The oncoming requirement on the industrial wireless sensor networks covers from the lower physics layers to the upper application layer. How to provide diverse services in an efficient way leads to an open scope of research interests, including the physical sensors, architecture for the service computing, fault-tolerant optimization, data gathering and compression, smart data analysis, etc.

The objective of this special issue is to foster the latest development in industrial sensor computing from theory to its applications. Original contributions that provide novel theories, frameworks, and solutions to the challenging problems of mobile sensor networking, connection control, Quality-of-Service supporting, test platform and the applications are solicited for this special issue.

Edited by: Neal N. Xiong, Hongju Cheng and Jaime Lloret Mauri

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