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Adaptable AI-enabled Robots to Encourage the Challenge of New Activities

This special issue focuses on how to create a future society coexisting with AI-enabled robots that encourages all people to actively participate in society. This is a smarter inclusive society in which multiple types of AI-enabled robots are appropriately selected, and they adjust the functions for adapting to the individual user to provide appropriate assistance. This special issue considers not only the development of such adaptable AI-enabled robots but also how to design robot behaviors that improve the user's subjective feelings such as self-efficacy and sense of agency by providing support. Adaptable AI-enabled robots are expected to be applied in many fields such as nursing care, rehabilitation, education, and sports. This special issue expects to submit the research papers that AI-enabled robots encourage the challenge of new activities for users in these various fields. Furthermore, this special issue includes topics of safety, risk management, and ELSI considered in the future society with above mentioned AI-enabled robots for social implementation.

Recommended Topics: 

Topics of interest, but are not limited to:

1)   Human-robot cooperation
2)   Multiple robots cooperation
3)   Human assistive robots
4)   Social robot
5)   Human adaptive robots
6)   Social implementation of AI-enabled robots
7)   Robots for welfare and nursing care
8)   Adaptive mechanisms
9)   Safety and risk management for AI-enabled robots
10)   ELSI and RRI for AI-enabled robots

Guest Editors:

Prof. Yasuhisa Hirata (Tohoku University, Japan)
Prof. Katja Mombaur (University Waterloo, Canada)
Prof. Eric Monacelli (Université Paris-Saclay, France)

Any new submission will be processed with single-blind peer review immediately. To submit a paper, please go to ROBOMECH Journal's submission website.

For submission guideline please check the link here.

When submitting your paper, please select “Adaptable AI-enabled robots to encourage the challenge of new activities” under “Thematic Series” to be included in this special call.

Submission Deadline: December 31st, 2023

  1. Wearable body weight support systems can assist individuals with mobility impairments in performing daily living activities with greater ease and independence. However, existing systems have limitations in ter...

    Authors: Sojiro Sugiura, Jayant Unde, Yaonan Zhu and Yasuhisa Hasegawa
    Citation: ROBOMECH Journal 2023 10:16