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Advanced Plate and Shell Models

Guest Editors:

  • Erasmo Carrera (Politecnico de Torino, Turin, Italy)
  • Francisco Chinesta (PIMM Laboratory, Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, HESAM Université, Paris, France)

Many models for the structural analysis of advanced structures AS (metallic, layered, sandwich, laminated composites, smart with piezo layers, bio-structures, etc.) in multiphysics environment ME (mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, etc.) are defined in degenerated threedimensional 3D domains, involving plate, shell and beam geometries. Nowadays, available FE commercial codes incorporate most of the acquired knowledge on beam/plate/shell element formulations, and they can be considered to be a robust and effective analysis tool for many of the applications of engineering interest. However, a number of new topics are emerging in the AM and ME analysis, these are currently under investigation in computational structural mechanics, which require new tools.  New ideas from the theory of structures point of view as well as new discretization strategies able to circumvent or at least alleviate the drawbacks related to mesh-based discretizations of fully 3D models defined in reduced plate/shell/beam domains are elerging. The present topical issue aimsto collect contribution on these new methodology.

  1. Shear and membrane locking phenomena are fundamental issues of shell finite element models. A family of refined shell elements for laminated structures has been developed in the framework of Carrera Unified Fo...

    Authors: Guohong Li, Erasmo Carrera, Maria Cinefra, Alberto G. de Miguel, Gennady M. Kulikov, Alfonso Pagani and Enrico Zappino
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2019 6:8
  2. This work deals with the modeling of laminated composite and sandwich shells through a variable separation approach based on a Reissner’s Variational Mixed Theorem (RMVT). Both the displacement and transverse ...

    Authors: Philippe Vidal, Olivier Polit, Laurent Gallimard and Michele D’Ottavio
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2019 6:7
  3. Most of mechanical systems and complex structures exhibit plate and shell components. Therefore, 2D simulation, based on plate and shell theory, appears as an appealing choice in structural analysis as it allo...

    Authors: Giacomo Quaranta, Mustapha Ziane, Fatima Daim, Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, Jean-Louis Duval and Francisco Chinesta
    Citation: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 2019 6:1