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Differential Equations with Nonlocal and Functional Conditions

Differential equations with nonlocal and functional conditions have become an active area of research. Their study is driven not only by theoretical interest, but also to the fact that these type of problems occur naturally when modeling real world applications. For example, several phenomena in engineering, physics and life sciences can be described by means of differential equations subject to nonlocal boundary conditions: one may consider problems with feedback controls, such as the steady-states of a thermostat, where a controller at one of its ends adds or removes heat, depending upon the temperature registered in another point, or phenomena with functional dependence in the equation and/or in the boundary conditions, with delays or advances, maximum or minimum arguments, such as beams where the maximum (minimum) of the deflection is attained in some interior or end point of the beam.

Edited by: Gennaro Infante, To Fu Ma and Feliz Minhos

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  1. Research

    On nonlocal fractional q-integral boundary value problems of fractional q-difference and fractional q-integrodifference equations involving different numbers of order and q

    In this paper, we study some new class of nonlocal three-point fractional q-integral boundary value problems of a nonlinear fractional q-difference equation and a nonlinear fractional q-integrodifference equation...

    Thanin Sitthiwirattham

    Boundary Value Problems 2016 2016:12

    Published on: 13 January 2016

  2. Research

    On a Neumann boundary control in a parabolic system

    In this paper we have dealt with controlling a boundary condition of a parabolic system in one dimension. This control aims to find the best appropriate right-hand side boundary function which ensures the clos...

    Şule S Şener and Murat Subaşi

    Boundary Value Problems 2015 2015:166

    Published on: 17 September 2015

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