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Restoring Fire in Eastern Oak Savannas and Forests

Restoring Fire in Eastern Oak Savannas and Forests

This Fire Ecology collection "Restoring Fire in Eastern Oak Savannas and Forests" is a collection of papers on a fire-prone region of North America that has been somewhat overlooked in the past-  oak savannas, woodlands, and forests. Papers that cover this topic are encouraged in addition to those presented at the 6th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference held in State College, Pennsylvania, USA.

Fire is widely recognized as a dominant historic process across most of eastern North America, but many hurdles have slowed restoration progress.

These collected papers represent substantial contributions toward understanding how fire impacts plants, animals, ecosystem processes, and includes novel research on on-going restoration efforts in the region.

Edited by Morgan Varner, Heather Alexander, Dan Dey, Justin Hart, Jesse Kreye, Callie Schweitzer

  1. In oak-dominated communities throughout eastern North America, fire exclusion and subsequent woody encroachment has replaced the “glitter” of once robust and diverse wildflower and grass layers with leaf-litte...

    Authors: Andrew L. Vander Yacht, Patrick D. Keyser, Seth A. Barrioz, Charles Kwit, Michael C. Stambaugh, Wayne K. Clatterbuck and Ryan Jacobs

    Citation: Fire Ecology 2020 16:17

    Content type: Original research

    Published on: