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Manuscripts in the Making

New Content ItemThis collection of articles published in Heritage Science derives largely from the posters presented at the ‘Manuscripts in the Making: Art and Science’ conference held in Cambridge, UK in December 2016. The conference accompanied the Fitzwilliam Museum’s bicentenary exhibition COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts

This interdisciplinary conference brought together manuscript scholars, heritage scientists and conservators and provided a public platform for the integration of recent advances in the art historical and technical analyses of illuminated manuscripts with research in social and intellectual history.  While Western illuminated manuscripts from the 6th to the 16th centuries formed a major focus of discussion, the conference also included papers on Byzantine, Islamic and Pre-Columbian material.

A separate publication in two volumes by Harvey Miller publishers, co-edited by Dr Stella Panayotova and Dr Paola Ricciardi, will include papers based on the oral presentations from the conference.

Editor: Dr Paola Ricciardi

Submission instructions for invited authors:

All authors invited to submit an article as part of this series are now welcome to submit their papers through the online submission system.

Please read thoroughly the instructions for authors in order to ensure your manuscript meets the requirements of the journal. Papers submitted to the series should be indicated by the submission code: if you have yet to receive this, please contact the journal Editor, Samuel Winthrop.