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High-definition topographic and geophysical data in geosciences

Recent technological developments in high-definition or high-resolution data collection of earth surface topography and geophysical properties have led to advances in measuring earth surface processes and dynamics. 
The theory, acquisition, processing, modeling and analysis of such high-definition data are progressing rapidly. Furthermore, there is increasing demand for well-documented datasets and open-source tools, which are crucial for further advances in geoscience and instrumentation. With such advances, numerous solutions will be provided for issues in human geosciences, such as geomorphological or hydrological responses to environmental changes, tectonic or volcanic surface and subsurface deformations, submarine morphology and ecology, conservation of archaeological and cultural heritage, and more effective disaster controls.

This SPEPS article collection presents innovative research papers and review articles on high-definition topographic and geophysical data. The papers include contributions on both the technical issues of data measurement, processing, and analysis as well as geoscientific applications of high-definition topographic and geophysical data.

  1. Research article

    Seismic and inter-seismic ground surface deformations of the Murono mud volcano (central Japan): a laser scanning approach

    A small mud volcano in Murono, Niigata Prefecture, north-central Japan, shows active ground surface displacements, not only when large earthquakes occur in the region but also during quiescent periods between ...

    Yuichi S. Hayakawa, Shigekazu Kusumoto and Nobuhisa Matta

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:3

    Published on: 7 February 2017