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Indigenous Stewardship: Addressing the fire crisis in the western USA

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As the wildfire crisis grows, the western United States is seeing increased damage from wildfire, declines in biodiversity, increased carbon emissions, loss of life and human health impacts, and significant economic costs, all at a pace both unprecedented and unanticipated. Thoughtful stewardship of frequent fire adapted landscapes is essential to alleviating these impacts. Yet federal land management and environmental policies are ill-adapted to meeting this urgent need. In this special collection, western scientists and Indigenous practitioners come together to explore ways to prioritize forest resilience on private, tribal, and public lands for the long-term. This unique partnership highlights the broad support for finally addressing the roots of the wildfire crisis.

Scott Stephens, Sharon Hood, Eric E. Knapp, Jeffrey M. Kane, Thomas Swetnam, James A. Lutz, Andrea Thode

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