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Knowledge based software engineering

Prof Maria Virvou

  1. Research

    Graphical representation of quality indicators based on medical service ontology

    For recent years, it has grown importance to evaluate medical service qualities of medical staffs and/or hospitals by using quality indicators. This paper introduces a representation system QI-RS of quality in...

    Osamu Takaki, Izumi Takeuti, Koichi Takahashi, Noriaki Izumi, Koichiro Murata, Mitsuru Ikeda and Koiti Hasida

    SpringerPlus 2013 2:274

    Published on: 23 June 2013

  2. Research

    Behavior believability in virtual worlds: agents acting when they need to

    Believability has been a perennial goal for the intelligent virtual agent community. One important aspect of believability largely consists in demonstrating autonomous behavior, consistent with the agent’s per...

    Nikos Avradinis, Themis Panayiotopoulos and George Anastassakis

    SpringerPlus 2013 2:246

    Published on: 28 May 2013

  3. Software

    The method to divide a sentence of requirement into individual requirements and the development of requirement specification editor which can describe individual requirements

    Agile software development gains requirements from the direct discussion with customers and the development staff each time, and the customers evaluate the appropriateness of the requirement. If the customers ...

    Kuniya Sato, Masahiro Ooba, Tomohiko Takagi, Zengo Furukawa, Seiichi Komiya and Rihito Yaegashi

    SpringerPlus 2013 2:145

    Published on: 5 April 2013

  4. Research

    Searching and generating test inputs for mutation testing

    Mutation testing is usually regarded as an important method towards fault revealing. Despite this advantage, it has proved to be impractical for industrial use because of its expenses. To this extend, automate...

    Mike Papadakis and Nicos Malevris

    SpringerPlus 2013 2:121

    Published on: 21 March 2013