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A Tribute to Professor Ivan Kiguradze

This thematic series is devoted to Professor Ivan Kiguradze, a distinguished mathematician in the fields of the theory of ordinary differential equations as well as functional differential equations. He is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards, among them the Order of Honor of the Republic of Georgia and Bernard Bolzano Honorary Medal for Merits in Mathematical Sciences.

He has published 10 monographs and more than 250 research articles and contributions to conference proceedings. He has been a supervisor of 26 PhD students, whom have already obtained the title of Doctor of Science and established reputations in their own chosen field of mathematical research.

Edited by: Irena Rachunkova, Svatoslav Stanek and Milan Tvrdy

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  1. Editorial

    A tribute to Ivan Kiguradze

    No abstract

    Irena Rachůnková, Svatoslav Staněk, Milan Tvrdý, Aleksandre Lomtatidze, Ravi P Agarwal, Irina Astashova, Alexander Domoshnitsky, Zuzana Došlá, Vyacheslav M Evtukhov, Nicolai A Izobov, Takasi Kusano, Nino Partsvania, Mykola Perestyuk, Bedřich Půža, Miklós Rontó and Nicolai Rozov

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:228

    Published on: 15 October 2014

  2. Research Article

    On linear ODEs with a time singularity of the first kind and unsmooth inhomogeneity

    In this paper we investigate the analytical properties of systems of linear ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with unsmooth nonintegrable inhomogeneities and a time singularity of the first kind. We are e...

    Jana Burkotová, Irena Rachůnková, Svatoslav Staněk and Ewa B Weinmüller

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:183

    Published on: 26 September 2014

  3. Research

    Notes on interval halving procedure for periodic and two-point problems

    We continue our study of constructive numerical-analytic schemes of investigation of boundary problems. We simplify and improve the recently suggested interval halving technique allowing one to essentially wea...

    András Rontó, Miklós Rontó and Nataliya Shchobak

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:164

    Published on: 26 September 2014

  4. Research

    On the solvability of general boundary value problems for systems of nonlinear impulsive equations with finite and fixed points of impulse actions

    General nonlocal boundary value problems are considered for systems of impulsive equations with finite and fixed points of impulses. Sufficient conditions are established for the solvability and unique solvabi...

    Malkhaz Ashordia, Goderdzi Ekhvaia and Nestan Kekelia

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:157

    Published on: 23 September 2014

  5. Research

    Boundary value problems for fractional differential equations

    In this paper we study the existence of solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equations at resonance. By using the coincidence degree theory, some results on the existence of solutions are obtained.

    Zhigang Hu, Wenbin Liu and Jiaying Liu

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:176

    Published on: 23 September 2014

  6. Research

    Third order problems with nonlocal conditions of integral type

    We discuss the existence of solutions of nonlinear third order ordinary differential equations with integral boundary conditions. We provide sufficient conditions on the nonlinearity and the functions appearin...

    Abdelkader Boucherif, Sidi Mohamed Bouguima, Zehour Benbouziane and Nawal Al-Malki

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:137

    Published on: 10 September 2014

  7. Research

    Linear overdetermined boundary value problems in Hilbert space

    The general linear boundary value problem for an abstract functional differential equation is considered in the case that the number of boundary conditions is greater than the dimension of the null-space to th...

    Vladimir P Maksimov

    Boundary Value Problems 2014 2014:140

    Published on: 11 July 2014

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