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Landslide Dams

“Landslide dams” is a special issue representing the up-to-date research on geo-disasters associated with formation, evolution and breach of landslide dams. The major aims and scope of this special issue will be: Landslide dam- classification; geological and geomorphic conditions favorable for damming of rivers by landslides and for their preservation or failure; short and long term effects of landslide dams, including dam-break flood prediction and simulation, and river sediment flux changes as well as river morphological evolution of rivers; measures aimed to prevent or mitigate negative effects of the phenomena in question; case studies including geological, geophysical caracterisation of landslide dams and related features.

Edited by: Ranjan Kumar Dahal 

  1. Database

    Geomorphological investigations on landslide dams

    The study of past landslide dams and their consequences has gained a considerable significance for forecasting induced hydraulic risk on people and property.

    Carlo Tacconi Stefanelli, Filippo Catani and Nicola Casagli

    Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:21

    Published on: 14 August 2015

  2. Research article

    The Kambarata 2 blast-fill dam, Kyrgyz Republic:blast event, geophysical monitoring and dam structure modelling

    The blast- and earth-fill dam of the Kambarata 2 hydropower station is situated in the seismically active Central Tien Shan region of the Kyrgyz Republic. More than 70% of the dam volume was produced during a ...

    Hans-Balder Havenith, Isakbek Torgoev, Almaz Torgoev, Alexander Strom, Yuan Xu and Tomas Fernandez-Steeger

    Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:11

    Published on: 23 April 2015