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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

  1. Research

    Microstructure reconstruction and structural equation modeling for computational design of nanodielectrics

    Nanodielectric materials, consisting of nanoparticle-filled polymers, have the potential to become the dielectrics of the future. Although computational design approaches have been proposed for optimizing micr...

    Yichi Zhang, He Zhao, Irene Hassinger, L. Catherine Brinson, Linda S. Schadler and Wei Chen

    Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation 2015 4:14

    Published on: 22 December 2015

  2. Research article

    Mechanical design of negative stiffness honeycomb materials

    A mechanical system exhibits negative stiffness when it requires a decrease in applied force to generate an increase in displacement. Negative stiffness behavior has been of interest for use in vibro-acoustic ...

    Dixon M Correa, Carolyn Conner Seepersad and Michael R Haberman

    Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation 2015 4:10

    Published on: 2 July 2015