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Modeling Forest Dynamics

Gao Lushuang, Dr Jerry Vanclay, Prof Chunyu Zhang

  1. Research article

    Methods of modelling relative growth rate

    Analysing and modelling plant growth is an important interdisciplinary field of plant science. The use of relative growth rates, involving the analysis of plant growth relative to plant size, has more or less ...

    Arne Pommerening and Anders Muszta

    Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:5

    Published on: 10 March 2015

  2. Research article

    Competition effects in an afrotemperate forest

    Information about competition responses is mainly available for monospecific stands or mixed stands with a small number of species. Studies on complex multi-species and highly structured forest ecosystems are ...

    Thomas Seifert, Stefan Seifert, Armin Seydack, Graham Durrheim and Klaus von Gadow

    Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:13

    Published on: 30 September 2014

  3. Research

    Using a stand-level model to predict light absorption in stands with vertically and horizontally heterogeneous canopies

    Forest ecosystem functioning is strongly influenced by the absorption of photosynthetically active radiation (APAR), and therefore, accurate predictions of APAR are critical for many process-based forest growt...

    David I Forrester, Rubén Guisasola, Xiaolu Tang, Axel T Albrecht, Tran Lam Dong and Guerric le Maire

    Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:17

    Published on: 27 September 2014

  4. Research

    A model of seasonal foliage dynamics of the subtropical mangrove species Rhizophora stylosa Griff. growing at the northern limit of its distribution

    Progress of forest production in response to the environment requires a quantitative understanding of leaf area development. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the dynamics of seasonal crown foliage in ...

    Sahadev Sharma, A T M Rafiqul Hoque, Kangkuso Analuddin and Akio Hagihara

    Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:15

    Published on: 12 August 2014