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Nanoparticle design and manufacturing in cancer nanotechnology: challenges of drug delivery, targeted treatment and selective detection

Edited by: Željka Krpetić, University of Salford, UK

Nanoparticle design is one of the fastest growing fields of applied science. Purposely designing and manufacturing nanoparticles for cancer nanotechnology applications is promising due to the reduced side effects nanoparticles have in diagnostics and treatment of cancer. Challenges arise when tackling the parameters that play a key role for targeting of specific tumours and managing to overcome the effects that may create obstacles when working in realistic biological environments. 
Moreover, since nanomaterials destined for clinical use and nanomedicine, in general, require special attention, novel approaches for nanoparticle manufacturing, handling and characterisation are required to minimise the risks associated with contamination, and address the questions of nanoparticle administration, incorrect dosing of the nanoparticles directly relating to the challenges in current nanoparticle characterisation.
This special collection in Cancer Nanotechnology provides a collection of original research papers and expert reviews that cover a range of approaches in the field of nanofabrication and/or advanced nanoparticle characterisation that show advancement in design of nano-based tools for drug delivery, targeted treatment and selective detection of cancer.

New articles in the collection will appear here as they are published!


  1. Review

    The application of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, fullerene, and graphene nanoparticles in photodynamic therapy

    Nanoparticles (NPs) have been shown to have good ability to improve the targeting and delivery of therapeutics. In the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT), this targeting advantage of NPs could help ensure dru...

    Zahraa Youssef, Régis Vanderesse, Ludovic Colombeau, Francis Baros, Thibault Roques-Carmes, Céline Frochot, Habibah Wahab, Joumana Toufaily, Tayssir Hamieh, Samir Acherar and Amirah Mohd Gazzali

    Cancer Nanotechnology 2017 8:6

    Published on: 19 October 2017