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Embedded Systems for Portable and Mobile Video Platforms

  1. Research Article

    Adaptive Motion Estimation Processor for Autonomous Video Devices

    Motion estimation is the most demanding operation of a video encoder, corresponding to at least 80% of the overall computational cost. As a consequence, with the proliferation of autonomous and portable handheld ...

    T Dias, S Momcilovic, N Roma and L Sousa

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2007:057234

    Published on: 22 May 2007

  2. Research Article

    A Systematic Approach to Design Low-Power Video Codec Cores

    The higher resolutions and new functionality of video applications increase their throughput and processing requirements. In contrast, the energy and heat limitations of mobile devices demand low-power video c...

    Kristof Denolf, Adrian Chirila-Rus, Paul Schumacher, Robert Turney, Kees Vissers, Diederik Verkest and Henk Corporaal

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2007:064569

    Published on: 8 May 2007

  3. Research Article

    Thermal-Aware Scheduling for Future Chip Multiprocessors

    The increased complexity and operating frequency in current single chip microprocessors is resulting in a decrease in the performance improvements. Consequently, major manufacturers offer chip multiprocessor (...

    Kyriakos Stavrou and Pedro Trancoso

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2007:048926

    Published on: 11 April 2007

  4. Research Article

    Energy-Efficient Acceleration of MPEG-4 Compression Tools

    We propose novel hardware accelerator architectures for the most computationally demanding algorithms of the MPEG-4 video compression standard-motion estimation, binary motion estimation (for shape coding), an...

    Andrew Kinane, Daniel Larkin and Noel O'Connor

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2007:028735

    Published on: 11 March 2007

  5. Research Article

    Low-Complexity Multiple Description Coding of Video Based on 3D Block Transforms

    The paper presents a multiple description (MD) video coder based on three-dimensional (3D) transforms. Two balanced descriptions are created from a video sequence. In the encoder, video sequence is represented...

    Andrey Norkin, Atanas Gotchev, Karen Egiazarian and Jaakko Astola

    EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems 2007 2007:038631

    Published on: 5 February 2007