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Post Covid-19 and Global FDI Inflows and Outflows in Emerging Economies

  1. Targeting to evaluate the analytical rigour of empirical research in management education, this study's goal is to find out how students felt about the sudden shift to online education. As well as to provide a...

    Authors: Cherine Soliman, Doaa Salman and Gaydaa Osama GamalEldin
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:45

    The Correction to this article has been published in Future Business Journal 2022 8:64

  2. Expansionary monetary policies, which started to be implemented after the global crisis in 2008 and became widespread during the COVID-19 period, lowered global interest rates and increased the stock market in...

    Authors: Özcan Karahan and Musa Bayır
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:39
  3. The purpose of this study was to look into the impact of change leadership on employee readiness to change in a few public organizations in Ethiopia's Amhara national regional state. The study's population con...

    Authors: Zimbelachew Masresha Engida, Abebe Ejigu Alemu and Meselu Alamnie Mulugeta
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:31
  4. The study explores the role of the COVID-19 pandemic on foreign direct investment in 12 emerging countries for the period between 2014 and 2021. The world pandemic uncertainty index is used, and panel quantile...

    Authors: Sinem Koçak and Özge Barış-Tüzemen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:22
  5. The increased number of nonperforming loans (NPLs) during COVID-19 pandemic has interrogated the robustness of banks and stability of the whole banking segment. We examine the impact of credit risk (CR) on fin...

    Authors: Hussien Mohsen Ahmed, Sherif Ismail El-Halaby and Hebatallah Ahmed Soliman
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:21
  6. This study investigates the symmetric and asymmetric effects of FDI-growth nexus amidst financial crises, economic crises and COVID-19 pandemic s in Nigeria over the period 1983–2020. Having confirmed the long...

    Authors: Rowland Tochukwu Obiakor, Kingsley Ikechukwu Okere, Obumneke Bob Muoneke and Nnamdi Chinwendu Nwaeze
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2022 8:16