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Singular Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations

  1. Research Article

    On Step-Like Contrast Structure of Singularly Perturbed Systems

    The existence of a step-like contrast structure for a class of high-dimensional singularly perturbed system is shown by a smooth connection method based on the existence of a first integral for an associated s...

    Mingkang Ni and Zhiming Wang

    Boundary Value Problems 2009 2009:634324

    Published on: 23 August 2009

  2. Research Article

    A Viral Infection Model with a Nonlinear Infection Rate

    A viral infection model with a nonlinear infection rate is constructed based on empirical evidences. Qualitative analysis shows that there is a degenerate singular infection equilibrium. Furthermore, bifurcati...

    Yumei Yu, JuanJ Nieto, Angela Torres and Kaifa Wang

    Boundary Value Problems 2009 2009:958016

    Published on: 29 June 2009

  3. Research Article

    First-Order Singular and Discontinuous Differential Equations

    We use subfunctions and superfunctions to derive sufficient conditions for the existence of extremal solutions to initial value problems for ordinary differential equations with discontinuous and singular nonl...

    DanielC Biles and Rodrigo López Pouso

    Boundary Value Problems 2009 2009:507671

    Published on: 9 June 2009