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Call for Papers: Geophysical Properties and Transport Processes in the Deep Crust and Mantle

The formation and evolution of the Earth depend on transfer of mass and energy.  The principal mass and energy transport agents in the Earth's interior are fluids and magmas 
The geophysical and geochemical properties of magma and fluid are controlled by their chemical composition, temperature, and pressure. The transport processes are governed by this property information. Characterization of their properties is central to our understanding of crust and mantle processes including seismicity in subduction zones. 
The transport processes of fluids and magmas are imaged globally and locally by geophysical observations such as seismic tomography and electrical conductivity profiles. These are processes imaged with geophysical methods with which a three-dimensional structure of fluid and magma plumbing systems can be described, and in the geological records of earlier phenomena. These processes, in turn, reflect the geochemistry of the materials.

The proposed SPEPS will address results of experiments and natural observations needed to enhance our understanding of magma and fluid-mediated processes in the Earth's interior. These include physical and chemical properties and process of fluids and magmas, near surface processes of seismicity in subduction zones, volcanic eruptions as well as geophysical imaging of various scales from locally to globally.  

Short list of topics, keywords
Mass transport, tomography, seismicity, electrical conductivity, magma and fluid compositions, equation-of-state, and plumbing systems

Submission start: 1 January 2023
Submission deadline: 30 June 2023

Editorial task team
Eiji Ohtani 
Tohoku University, Japan             

M. Satish Kumar 
Niigate University, Japan             

Bjorn Mysen
Carnegie Institute of Washington, USA  

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