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Revised Selected Papers of ACM IH and MMS 2014

This special issue contains selected, revised papers of the 2nd ACM workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security (IH and MMS 2014), presented in Salzburg, Austria, June 2014. For many years, Information Hiding has captured the attention of researchers. Digital watermarking and steganography protect information, conceal secrets or are used as core primitives in digital rights management schemes. Steganalysis and forensics pose important challenges to digital investigators and privacy techniques try to hide relational information such as the actors' identities in anonymous communication systems. These and other topics share the notion that security is defined by the difficulty to make (or avoid) inference on certain properties of host data, which therefore has to be well understood and modeled.

Edited by: Stefan Katzenbeisser, Roland Kwitt and Alessandro Piva

  1. This paper investigates the statistical detection of JSteg steganography. The approach is based on a statistical model of discrete cosine transformation (DCT) coefficients challenging the usual assumption that...

    Authors: Tong Qiao, Florent Retraint, RĂ©mi Cogranne and Cathel Zitzmann
    Citation: EURASIP Journal on Information Security 2015 2015:2