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Advanced characterization methods for nano-materials

Nanoscience has developed rapidly in the past decades with the help of various nanoscale tools, such as scanning microscopy, electron microscopy, and theoretical simulation. Since discovery of novel nano-materials and its development strongly depends on the new nanoscale technologies, newly emerging nano technologies are essential for leading nano science and the realization of nano electronics. This thematic series introduces and reviews recent advances in the emerging nanoscale methodologies for characterizing structural, chemical, electronic, and magnetic properties. 

Edited by Bae Ho Park, Young Jun and Taekjib Choi

  1. Nanomaterials have recently been found to exhibit auxetic behavior, or a negative Poisson’s ratio, whereby the lateral dimensions of the material expand, rather than shrink, in response to applied tensile load...

    Authors: Harold S. Park and Sung Youb Kim
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2017 4:10