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Advances in Fractional Differential Equations and Their Real World Applications

The content of this thematic series will contain the latest and the most significant results in fractional differential equations and their real world applications. The main aim is to highlight recent advances in this field as well as to bring together the best researchers in the field of fractional calculus and its applications. In the last sixty years, fractional calculus has emerged as a powerful and efficient mathematical tool in the study of several phenomena in science and engineering. As a result, hundreds of research papers, monographs and international conference papers, have been published. Research in fractional differentiation is inherently multi-disciplinary and its application is done in various contexts: elasticity, continuum mechanics, quantum mechanics, signal analysis, biomedicine, bioengineering, social systems, management, financial systems, turbulence, pollution control, landscape evolution, population growth and dispersal, complex systems, medical imaging, and finance, and some other branches of pure and applied mathematics. This special issue aims at promoting the exchange of novel and important theoretical and numerical results, as well as computational methods, to study fractional order systems, and to spread new trends in the area of fractional calculus and its real world applications.

Edited by: Dumitru Baleanu, Carla Pinto, Kenan Tas and Guo-Cheng Wu

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  1. In this study, the sinc collocation method is used to find an approximate solution of a system of differential equations of fractional order described in the Caputo sense. Some theorems are presented to prove ...

    Authors: Veysel Fuat Hatipoglu, Sertan Alkan and Aydin Secer
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2017 2017:204