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Advances in Orthodontics (Part 1)

Dr Lorenzo Franchi

  1. Although the clinical use of miniscrews has been investigated on a large scale, little is known about their biocompatibility. Since low pH can affect corrosion resistance, the aim of this study was to evaluate...

    Authors: Angela Galeotti, Roberto Uomo, Gianrico Spagnuolo, Sergio Paduano, Roberta Cimino, Rosa Valletta and Vincenzo D’Antò
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:15
  2. So far, a few studies have tried to investigate the relationship between the placement of fixed orthodontic appliances and the change of nonmicrobial salivary properties, mostly with conflicting outcomes and s...

    Authors: Giulio Alessandri Bonetti, Serena Incerti Parenti, Giulia Garulli, Maria Rosaria Gatto and Luigi Checchi
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:13
  3. The aim of present study was to determine the prevalence of malocclusions, oral habits and the need for orthodontic treatment in a sample of 7- to 15-year-old Albanese schoolchildren.

    Authors: Giuseppina Laganà, Caterina Masucci, Francesco Fabi, Patrizio Bollero and Paola Cozza
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:12
  4. Since many years, various bonding attachments have been used as a mode of traction for surgically exposed impacted teeth. It has always been a challenge to select an attachment considering predictability of th...

    Authors: Rekha Mittal, Deepak Rai, Anand Patil and Ashish Garg
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:11
  5. The objective of this study was to compare the frictional forces generated by three types of monocrystalline ceramic brackets coupled with conventional elastomeric ligatures (CEL) and nonconventional elastomer...

    Authors: Mariana Bulhoes Galvão, Matteo Camporesi, André Tortamano, Gladys Cristina Dominguez and Efisio Defraia
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:9
  6. The present meta-analysis initially evaluates the reliability of dental maturation in the identification of the circumpubertal growth phases, essentially for determining treatment timing in orthodontics. A lit...

    Authors: Giuseppe Perinetti, Graziela H Westphalen, Matteo Biasotto, Stefano Salgarello and Luca Contardo
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:8
  7. The purpose of this longitudinal study was to establish an equation to predict incremental mandibular length on the basis of the analysis of the cervical vertebrae on a single cephalometric radiograph and to c...

    Authors: Mahkameh Moshfeghi, Hajir Rahimi, Hoda Rahimi, Mahtab Nouri and Alireza Akbarzadeh Bagheban
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:3
  8. The objective of this research is to analyze the diagnostic performance of the circumpubertal dental maturation stages of the mandibular canine and second molar, as individual teeth and in combination, for the...

    Authors: Giuseppe Perinetti, Roberto Di Lenarda and Luca Contardo
    Citation: Progress in Orthodontics 2013 14:1