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Advanced Soft Computing Methodologies and Applications in Social Media Big Data Analytics

  1. Big Data constructed based on the advancement of distributed computing and virtualization is considered as the current emerging trends in Data Analytics. It is used for supporting potential utilization of comp...

    Authors: V. Seethalakshmi, V. Govindasamy and V. Akila
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2020 7:49
  2. The analysis and processing of big data are one of the most important challenges that researchers are working on to find the best approaches to handle it with high performance, low cost and high accuracy. In t...

    Authors: Saad Ahmed Dheyab, Mohammed Najm Abdullah and Buthainah Fahran Abed
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2019 6:112
  3. Adversarial attacks represent a serious evolving threat to the operation of deep neural networks. Recently, adversarial algorithms were developed to facilitate hallucination of deep neural networks for ordinar...

    Authors: Alaa E. Abdel-Hakim
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2019 6:51
  4. This study represents an efficient method for extracting product aspects from customer reviews and give solutions for inferring aspect ratings and aspect weights. Aspect ratings often reflect the user’s satisf...

    Authors: Tu Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Ha Nguyen Thi Thu and Viet Anh Nguyen
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2019 6:22
  5. This paper deals with an efficient parallel and distributed framework for intensive computation with A* algorithm based on MapReduce concept. The A* algorithm is one of the most popular graph traversal algorit...

    Authors: Wilfried Yves Hamilton Adoni, Tarik Nahhal, Brahim Aghezzaf and Abdeltif Elbyed
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2018 5:16
  6. Deep Learning and Big Data analytics are two focal points of data science. Deep Learning models have achieved remarkable results in speech recognition and computer vision in recent years. Big Data is important...

    Authors: Sahar Sohangir, Dingding Wang, Anna Pomeranets and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2018 5:3