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Critical Additives as Contaminants in Secondary Raw Materials from Waste

Dr Henning Friege

  1. Content type: Review

    The project RISKCYCLE (“Risk-based management of chemicals and products in a circular economy at a global scale”) was funded by the European Union Framework Program 7 (“FP7”). It started in 2009 and its aims w...

    Authors: Veit Grundmann, Bernd Bilitewski, Antje Zehm, Rosa Mari Darbra and Damià Barceló

    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2013 25:14

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    Global waste recycling streams are accompanied by pollutant emission and concentration of hazardous substances within material cycles. For the latter, the term “risk cycle” is introduced. E.g. the illegal or s...

    Authors: Uwe Lahl and Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl

    Citation: Environmental Sciences Europe 2013 25:3

    Published on: