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Changes in the sexual behavior of young people

Following the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, many relevant changes in the behavior of young people happened. Sexual life initiates earlier and has become similar between genders. Modern contraception is more and more diffused together with the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. The new patterns of sexual behavior are linked to shifts that occurred in young people's life courses, as well as to changes in the educational system and intergenerational relationships. This collection provides new empirical evidence on sexual life in youth, including specific aspects such as at-risk behaviour, contraception, virginity, sexual satisfaction, sexual harassment, the role of peers and parents, and that of religion and the social norms. It also addresses issues of data collection and methods of analysis.

Edited by: Marcantonio Caltabiano, University of Messina, Italy

                 Alessandra De-Rose, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

                 Maria Castiglioni, University of Padova, Italy 


Changes in the sexual behaviour of young people: introduction
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