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3rd International Congress on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

The 3rd edition of the International Congress on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage was held at the Institute of Science and Technology in Art, Vienna 1-5 July 2014. The research presented covered a broad range of topics in the context of chemistry related to cultural heritage, conservation science, conservation-restoration and preservation of cultural heritage.

All presenters were invited to contribute full papers based on the work being presented for publication in this themed series.

Editors: Prof. Manfred Schreiner, Dr Rita Wiesinger

  1. Research article

    Development of a novel conservation treatment of stone monuments with bioactive nanocomposites

    In this study a conservation treatment of stone monuments meant for consolidation, protection, and inhibition of biofilm formation is proposed. The method is developed as a part of a systematic investigation a...

    Inez Dorothé van der Werf, Nicoletta Ditaranto, Rosaria Anna Picca, Maria Chiara Sportelli and Luigia Sabbatini

    Heritage Science 2015 3:29

    Published on: 1 October 2015

  2. Research article

    The sulfidation process of sterling silver in different corrosive environments: impact of the process on the surface films formed and consequences for the conservation-restoration community

    Precious objects made of silver and/or its alloys tarnish and become black when exposed to ambient atmospheres containing moisture and ppb-amounts of H2S. Such objects usually contain small but variable amounts o...

    Patrick Storme, Olivier Schalm and Rita Wiesinger

    Heritage Science 2015 3:25

    Published on: 12 August 2015

  3. Research article

    Faded shine…. The degradation of brass powder in two nineteenth century paintings

    During the examination of two 19th century oil paintings by Swiss artists, the Reading pastor (ca. 1885) by Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918) and Portrait of a young girl (ca. 1888) by Filippo Franzoni (1857–1911), it...

    Ester S B Ferreira, Danièle Gros, Karin Wyss, Nadim C Scherrer, Stefan Zumbühl and Federica Marone

    Heritage Science 2015 3:24

    Published on: 23 July 2015

  4. Research article

    Potash-lime-silica glass: protection from weathering

    Potash-lime silica glass was used for window panels in Europe north of the Alps in the medieval era. The high potassium and low silica content of this glass influences its chemical stability. When exposed to a...

    Monica De Bardi, Herbert Hutter, Manfred Schreiner and Renzo Bertoncello

    Heritage Science 2015 3:22

    Published on: 13 July 2015

  5. Research article

    Study of stability of brown-gray inks on paper support

    Research into paper artworks and the identification of drawing techniques dating from the 15th to the 19th century from the collection of Slovak National Gallery revealed that the most frequently used means of...

    Milena Reháková, Michal Čeppan, Katarína Vizárová, András Peller, Danica Stojkovičová and Monika Hricková

    Heritage Science 2015 3:8

    Published on: 1 April 2015