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3rd Luso-Brazilian conference on adhesion and adhesives

This thematic series contains selected papers presented at the 3rd Luso-Brazilian Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (CLBA 2016) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between January 25–27, 2016. The conference was co-organized by the Brazilian Association of Adhesion and Adhesives (ABAA) and the Portuguese Association of Adhesion and Adhesives (APAA).

Edited by: Silvio de Barros and Lucas FM da Silva

  1. The interference of eugenol on the adhesive systems and composite polymerization could promote a higher marginal microleakage. This could be reduced by mechanical and chemical cleansing. The objective of this ...

    Authors: Murilo Baena Lopes, Klissia Romero Felizardo, Renan Hideki Kaneshima, Sandrine Berger Guiraldo, Ricardo Danil Guiraldo and Alcides Gonini Júnior
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:15
  2. Fiber posts (FP) are commonly used for extensive coronal reconstructions, often being associated with composite resins (CR) in order to minimize the space between the post and the intraradicular dentin. This s...

    Authors: Pedro José Andrade da Silva, Roberta Tarkany Basting Hoffing, Flávia L. B. do Amaral, Cecília P. Turssi, Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa Borges da Silva and Fabiana Mantovani Gomes França
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:14
  3. Adhesives used to bond the wood panels are petroleum-based and has volatile organic compound, VOCs. Harmful substance when inhaled by human being and can cause different problems, such as cancer. As an alterna...

    Authors: Caroline Rodrigues Pereira, Richard Eduard Mölleken, Felipe Hermenegildo de Souza, Giovanni Schiavinatto Capellari, Salvador Claro Neto and Elaine Cristina Azevedo
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:13
  4. This study, we evaluated the effect of green tea on the shear bond strength of metal orthodontic brackets to human enamel after home whitening treatment. Ninety premolars were selected and divided into six exp...

    Authors: Renata C. A. Schwertner, Joyce S. Y. Leoncio, Alessandro Schwertner, Ricardo D. Guiraldo, Murilo B. Lopes, Hellen C. De Carvalho, Alcides Gonini-Júnior and Sandrine B. Berger
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:12
  5. Edge-glued panels are composed by the lateral and top gluing with adhesives of solid battens. These panels use small pieces of wood, offering an optimal usage of forest resources and the development of higher ...

    Authors: Richard Eduard Mölleken, Rosilani Trianoski, Salvador Claro Neto, Caroline Rodrigues Pereira, Setsuo Iwakiri and Elaine Cristina Azevedo
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:9
  6. The objective of this study was to evaluate the enamel roughness and shear bond strength (SBS) of dental composite after removal of metal brackets bonded with different materials (Transbond XT, Filtek Z100, Ve...

    Authors: Ricardo Danil Guiraldo, Sandrine Bittencourt Berger, Fernando dos Santos Rocha, Gabriela Miranda Rodrigues Pereira, Anderson Rafael Aleixo, Américo Bortolazzo Correr, Edwin Fernando Ruiz Contreras, Alcides Gonini-Júnior and Murilo Baena Lopes
    Citation: Applied Adhesion Science 2016 4:8