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How does Context Mediate Construct and Content? A political, social and pedagogical analysis of English language testing in Asia

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Edited by Liying Cheng

This collection originates from the importance of theorizing the constructs of context in language learning using empirical evidences. Papers included in this collection explore different issues around this topic, for instance the influence of educational and social features on test construction and the English language demands at universities.

  1. Research

    The relationships between test performance and students’ perceptions of learning motivation, test value, and test anxiety in the context of the English benchmark requirement for graduation in Taiwan’s universities

    Having been influenced by the trend of internationalization of higher education, most universities in Taiwan have implemented an English benchmark requirement for graduation, which requires students to demonst...

    Jessica Wu and Matt Chia-Lung Lee

    Language Testing in Asia 2017 7:9

    Published on: 8 June 2017