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Special Issue of the 7th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

  1. We consider that a network of chaotic identical dynamical systems is connected to a new node. Depending on some properties of the network and on the way that connection is made, the new node may control the ne...

    Authors: Clara Grácio, Sara Fernandes and Luís Mário Lopes
    Citation: Computational Social Networks 2019 6:14
  2. Many systems are today modelled as complex networks, since this representation has been proven being an effective approach for understanding and controlling many real-world phenomena. A significant area of int...

    Authors: Vincenza Carchiolo, Marco Grassia, Alessandro Longheu, Michele Malgeri and Giuseppe Mangioni
    Citation: Computational Social Networks 2019 6:12
  3. Prerequisite inadequacy causes more MOOC drop-out. As an effective method interfering with learning process, existing MOOC recommendation is mainly about subsequent learning objects that have not been learned ...

    Authors: Yanxia Pang, Na Wang, Ying Zhang, Yuanyuan Jin, Wendi Ji and Wenan Tan
    Citation: Computational Social Networks 2019 6:7