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Current Trends in Forestry Research of Latin-America (CONFLAT Congress, Argentina)

This is an article collection published in Ecological Processes.

Guest Editors

Dr. Guillermo Martinez Pastur, CONICET, Argentina
Dr. Fidel Alejandro Roig, CONICET, Argentina

About this special issue

This special issue will provide a platform for cutting-edge research on sustainable forestry and people under climate change scenarios. The objective of the Special Issue is to present the main advances in Forestry Science in Latin America in the context of changing governance and forest livelihoods for people.

Native forests and plantations occupy a central role in the discussion of the international policy agenda during the last decades.  Policy discussions centre on the role of forests in addressing the global challenges for economic development and the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss on ecosystem services provision. Millions of people in Latin America live near forests and trees in rural areas worldwide, with many relying on these resources for their livelihoods. In this context, the implications of the commitments that governments have made for livelihoods and wellbeing are not totally defined. In this context, scientific research can bring solutions and new proposals to help for new policy proposals. This special issue explores these questions by showcasing the latest forestry research in Latin America.

Submission deadline: 30 September 2023

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