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Comparative Perspectives on Migration, Diversities and the Pandemic

  1. The global spread of the coronavirus pandemic has particularly dramatic consequences for the lives of migrants and refugees living in already marginalised and restricted conditions, whose ongoing crisis is at ...

    Authors: Claudia Böhme and Anett Schmitz
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2022 10:34
  2. The global pandemic has resulted in ad hoc unilateral policies on migration, mobility and border management while at the same time emphasizing the need for global cooperation. For global governance in this fie...

    Authors: Stefan Rother
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2022 10:1

    The Correction to this article has been published in Comparative Migration Studies 2022 10:48

  3. The COVID-19 health crisis has put to the test Latin America’s already precarious social protection systems. This paper comparatively examines what type of social protection has been provided, by whom, and to ...

    Authors: Marcia Vera Espinoza, Victoria Prieto Rosas, Gisela P. Zapata, Luciana Gandini, Alethia Fernández de la Reguera, Gioconda Herrera, Stephanie López Villamil, Cristina María Zamora Gómez, Cécile Blouin, Camila Montiel, Gabriela Cabezas Gálvez and Irene Palla
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:52
  4. In India, the major drivers of both internal and international migration are the prevailing unemployment, competitive labour market and enhanced livelihood prospects in the destination state or country. Howeve...

    Authors: Asma Khan and H. Arokkiaraj
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:49
  5. This paper addresses the question of how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the labour market integration support (LMIS) organised for refugees in Austria and Sweden, and the potential consequences of the chan...

    Authors: Almina Bešić, Andreas Diedrich and Petra Aigner
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:48
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the context of global migration. From a migration perspective, the pandemic is a source of insecurities that challenge migrants, their livelihoods and migration ...

    Authors: Asel Murzakulova, Mengistu Dessalegn and Neelambari Phalkey
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:44
  7. Both Uganda and South Africa were quick to respond to the global pandemic – Uganda for example imposing quarantine on foreign travellers after only a handful of cases before shutting off all international flig...

    Authors: Khangelani Moyo, Kalyango Ronald Sebba and Franzisca Zanker
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:37
  8. The Covid-19 pandemic took most EU Member States of the European Union by surprise, as they underestimated the rapid spread of the contagion across the continent. The response of the EU Member States was asymm...

    Authors: Adolfo Sommarribas and Birte Nienaber
    Citation: Comparative Migration Studies 2021 9:22