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Modeling, Computation and Prediction in Complex Networks

Research on Complex Networks has progressed to a point where Complex Networks are used not just for modeling, but also for computing various statistical and observable features, as well as prediction. Another topic of interest are methods of representation of complex networks that improve computations on these networks, or new algorithms for computing known network features. The goal of this special issue is to gather articles from the 2016 NetSciX conference that pursue these research directions.

Guest Editor: Adam Wierzbicki, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Poland

  1. The value of research containing novel combinations of molecules can be seen in many innovative and award-winning research programs. Despite calls to use innovative approaches to address common diseases, an in...

    Authors: Konstantin Kuzmin, Xiaoyan Lu, Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, Juntao Zhuang, Chris Gaiteri and Boleslaw K. Szymanski
    Citation: Applied Network Science 2016 1:11
  2. This paper analyzes success public spaces (specifically plazas) in the urban fabric of the city of Murcia, Spain. Two approaches were adopted. Firstly, the city was visualized as a complex network whose nodes rep...

    Authors: Taras Agryzkov, Pablo Martí, Almudena Nolasco-Cirugeda, Leticia Serrano-Estrada, Leandro Tortosa and José F. Vicent
    Citation: Applied Network Science 2016 1:12