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Instrumentation and Control of Large Helium Cryogenic Systems

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Automated control of large Helium Cryogenic Systems is vital to the reliable operation of the large scale scientific devices such as particle accelerators and fusion experiments that require liquid helium temperatures. The proper design and implementation of these control systems is a significant part of the cryogenic system and can represent a major cost, schedule and performance risk. This issue reviews the design and operating experience of the control systems from a number of existing cryogenic systems and also discusses the control approach to a number of cryogenic systems under development. Topics such as hardware and software choices, links to larger control systems, use of community standards and resulting performance are covered.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to theoretical aspects, algorithms, methods, and fields of applications, as:

•    Helium Refrigeration Plants
•    Automation, Controls Software
•    EPICS
•    Integration with Large Scientific Facilities
•    Particle Accelerators
•    Fusion Devices

The Lead guest editor

J. G. Weisend II 
European Spallation Source

  1. The Shanghai High repetition rate XFEL and Extreme Light Facility (SHINE), an advanced XFEL project, is now being built at Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI), Chinese Academy of Sciences. It includes ...

    Authors: Geyang Jiang, Qing Ni, Shuhua Wang, Jiuce Sun, Zhengrong Ouyang, Lei Zhang, Zilei Tong and Yi Wang
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2021 8:11
  2. The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a neutron-scattering facility funded and supported in collaboration with 13 European countries in Lund, Sweden. Cryogenic cooling at ESS is vital particularly for the li...

    Authors: P. Arnold, M. Boros and P. Nilsson
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2021 8:8
  3. The BEPCII project is for upgrading the Beijing Electron Positron Collider to reach a higher luminosity. The cryogenic system has been firstly designed and deployed in BEPCII, which provides cooling capacity f...

    Authors: Gang Li, Rui Ye, Mingjing Sang, Shaopeng Li, Zhuo Zhang, Jiehao Zhang, Ruixiong Han, Ge Lei and Rui Ge
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2021 8:7
  4. The helium cryogenic system at Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) provides cooling to 81 superconducting radio frequency cavities. To support the operation of the cryogenic facility, a highly reliable control sys...

    Authors: M. Howell, S.-H. Kim, M. Martinez and K. White
    Citation: EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation 2021 8:4