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Contemplative Studies in Dharma Traditions

Edited by
Christopher Miller, University of California, Davis, USA 

The five articles in this collection approach contemplative practice from various philosophical, pedagogical, and scientific perspectives. The diverse contents presented here will likely interest a broad range of readers including scholars, students, and practitioners alike. Starting from the presentation of contemplative practice from within dharma traditions, the articles address contemplative pedagogy and discuss how and why contemplative practices should be used as pedagogical techniques in the university classroom, with extremely meaningful examples in the classic liberal arts, visual arts, and ecology. Fascinating insights are then provided about meditation and breath practices, adding anatomical and physiological perspectives to the study of contemplative studies.

Taken as a whole, the authors’ contributions amplify the relevance of contemplative practices during our shared times of political, social, and environmental uncertainty and provide multiple pathways and methods for understanding, disseminating, and appreciating such practices.

  1. Research

    Imagining the body in tantric contemplative practice

    This paper addresses imagination, focusing on two words, bhāvana and vikalpa, both frequently translated as "imagination," and addresses the connections imagination has with the body, specifically within the cont...

    Loriliai Biernacki

    International Journal of Dharma Studies 2017 5:4

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  2. Research

    Sri Chinmoy on the nature and goals of contemplative practice

    Sri Chinmoy (1931–2007) has written extensively on the concrete details of contemplative practice as well as its purpose in the wider context of yoga as a system of spiritual disciplines leading to God-realiza...

    Kusumita P. Pedersen

    International Journal of Dharma Studies 2016 4:15

    Published on: 30 December 2016

  3. Research

    Creating contemplative studies in the Southwest: theory and practice

    In this article, I offer a brief history of the Contemplative Studies initiative at Texas Christian University, then discuss some of the theoretical underpinning for our program, indicating the value of contem...

    Andrew O. Fort

    International Journal of Dharma Studies 2016 4:13

    Published on: 21 November 2016