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Contemporary Topics in Complex Analysis

Complex analysis of one and several variables is one of the most central subjects in mathematics. Important mathematicians associated with complex analysis include names of Euler, Gauss, Riemann, Cauchy, Weiestrass, and many more in the 20th century. It has become very popular through a new boost from complex dynamics and fractals, harmonic and quasiconformal mappings. It is compelling and rich in its own right, but it has innumerable applications in physics, engineering and other areas of mathematics, both pure and applied.

Edited by: Stanislawa Kanas, Aimo Hinkkanen, Toshiyuki Sugawa and Jozef Zajac

  1. In this paper we study the hyperbolic and Euclidean area distortion of measurable sets under some classes of K-quasiconformal mappings from the upper half-plane and the unit disk onto themselves, respectively.

    Authors: Alfonso Hernández-Montes and Lino F Reséndis O
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2017 2017:211
  2. We consider the extremal problem of maximizing functions u in the class of real-valued biconvex functions satisfying a boundary condition ψ on a product of the unit ball with itself, with the ...

    Authors: Aimo Hinkkanen and Sineenuch Suwannaphichat
    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2016 2016:315