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Collaboration with Technology to Sell Fashion: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Fashion Retail Business

Edited by Ho Jung Choo, Seoul National University, Korea

The objectives of this special collection in Fashion and Textiles are to advance knowledge related to the current development of technologies applied to fashion retail businesses. Most of these technologies are new to the world, not to mention the fashion retail industry. In this respect, investigating how these technologies would affect consumers and retailers who interact with each other through fashion is meaningful. Research articles submitted to the special collection can relate to any technology applied to fashion retail through either brick-and-mortar shops or online stores. Consumer acceptance or avoidance of these technologies are our special interest.

New articles will be added here as they are published

  1. In the original publication of this article (Choo 2019), the author would like to add the omitted research to the list of this special collection, “collaborating with technology to sell fashion.”

    Authors: Ho Jung Choo
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2019 6:31

    The original article was published in Fashion and Textiles 2019 6:22

  2. This study explores the roles of vividness and interactivity—two technological dimensions of virtual reality mediums—for consumers’ approach intention toward immersive virtual reality stores. In addition to te...

    Authors: Ju Yeun Jang, Hee Jin Hur and Ho Jung Choo
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2019 6:12