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Differential and integral inequalities with applications to stability and control

Differential and integral inequalities play an important role in the qualitative theory of both deterministic and stochastic systems. It is well known that Gronwall–Bellman Type inequalities in differential or integral form and other similar inequalities can provide differential estimates for the solutions of dynamical systems. Differential and integral inequalities can also be applied to prove a variety of properties of a solution of dynamical systems. Moreover, the combination of differential and integral inequalities and the concept of a Lyapunov control function will be an effective framework for investigating the stability performance of the solutions of dynamical systems.

This thematic series collects excellent original research papers related to differential and integral inequalities and its applications to stability and control.

Edited by: Honglei Xu, Cedric Yiu, and Jianxiong Ye

  1. The main aim of this paper is to investigate various types of Ulam stability and Mittag-Leffler stability of linear differential equations of first order with constant coefficients using the Aboodh transform m...

    Authors: Ramdoss Murali, Arumugam Ponmana Selvan, Sanmugam Baskaran, Choonkil Park and Jung Rye Lee

    Citation: Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2021 2021:133

    Content type: Research

    Published on: