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Dosimetry, Radiobiology

  1. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of the contouring methods on dose metrics and their predictive value on tumor control and survival, in both situations of pre-treatment and post-treatment dosim...

    Authors: Guillaume Nodari, Romain Popoff, Jean Marc Riedinger, Olivier Lopez, Julie Pellegrinelli, Inna Dygai-Cochet, Claire Tabouret-Viaud, Benoit Presles, Olivier Chevallier, Sophie Gehin, Matthieu Gallet, Marianne Latournerie, Sylvain Manfredi, Romaric Loffroy, Jean Marc Vrigneaud and Alexandre Cochet
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2021 11:24
  2. To determine which imaging method used during radioembolization (RE) work-up: contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT), 99mTc-MAA-SPECT/CT or cone beam-CT (CBCT), more accurately predicts the final target vol...

    Authors: Macarena Rodríguez-Fraile, Ana Ezponda, Fabiana Grisanti, Verónica Morán, Marta Calvo, Pablo Berián, Antonio Martínez de la Cuesta, Lidia Sancho, Mercedes Iñarrairaegui, Bruno Sangro and José Ignacio Bilbao
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2021 11:23
  3. Given the increasing clinical use of PET/MRI, potential risks to patients from simultaneous exposure to ionising radiation and (electro)magnetic fields should be thoroughly investigated as a precaution. With t...

    Authors: Gunnar Brix, Elisabeth Günther, Ute Rössler, David Endesfelder, Alexandra Kamp, Ambros Beer and Matthias Eiber
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:43
  4. Dosimetry for diagnostic agents is performed to assess the risk of radiation detriment (e.g., cancer) associated with the imaging agent and the risk is assessed by computing the effective dose coefficient, e. Sty...

    Authors: Anders Josefsson, Klaikangwol Siritantikorn, Sagar Ranka, Jose Willegaignon de Amorim de Carvalho, Carlos Alberto Buchpiguel, Marcelo Tatit Sapienza, Wesley E. Bolch and George Sgouros
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:26
  5. It is well known that a severe cell injury after exposure to ionizing radiation is the induction of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). After exposure, an early response to DSBs is the phosphorylation of the hist...

    Authors: Anna Stenvall, Erik Larsson, Bo Holmqvist, Sven-Erik Strand and Bo-Anders Jönsson
    Citation: EJNMMI Research 2020 10:22