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Topical Collection on Driving Societal Changes towards an Electro-Mobility Future

  1. Electric vehicles can be a successful mobility alternative, but several obstacles and challenges have to be overcome first. Especially the customers’ purchase decision determines whether an innovation like ele...

    Authors: Jan-André Bühne, Dana Gruschwitz, Jana Hölscher, Matthias Klötzke, Ulrike Kugler and Christoph Schimeczek
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2015 7:30
  2. This paper is concerned with incentives for the take-up and use of e-vehicles that are in place in different European countries. Especially, it analyses Norway and Austria, in order to establish and understand...

    Authors: Erik Figenbaum, Nils Fearnley, Paul Pfaffenbichler, Randi Hjorthol, Marika Kolbenstvedt, Reinhard Jellinek, Bettina Emmerling, G. Maarten Bonnema, Farideh Ramjerdi, Liva Vågane and Lykke Møller Iversen
    Citation: European Transport Research Review 2015 7:28