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Resilience and economic development in Karamoja


New Content ItemThis special edition of Pastoralism is a collection of papers emerging out of the “Pathways to Resilience in the Karamoja Cluster” conference, held in Moroto, Uganda in May 2019. The objective of the conference was to take stock of recent research in the Karamoja Cluster in of Eastern Africa, being an area where pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities share sociocultural-linguistic ties across parts of  Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

New Content ItemThe conference aimed to highlight the work of researchers from the region and to share new learning on dynamics of change and innovation in the region. Discussions at the conference served as an opportunity to promote dialogue on the varied pathways to resilience in the region and to draw lessons from recent research for policy and programming. The conference and this special edition are organized by the Karamoja Resilience Support Unit (KRSU) with funding from USAID, DFID, and the EU.

Collection Articles: 

  1. The Karamoja region of northeast Uganda had been characterized by high levels of acute malnutrition (AM) for decades, despite substantial aid investment in nutrition programmes. Participatory epidemiology (PE)...

    Authors: Andy Catley, Raphael Lotira Arasio and Charles Hopkins
    Citation: Pastoralism 2023 13:7
  2. Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is vital for general health. However, problems of SRH such as unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and complications during pregnancy and childbirt...

    Authors: Stella Achen, Peter Atekyereza and Charles B. Rwabukwali
    Citation: Pastoralism 2021 11:25