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Entertainment Engineering

  1. Review

    Phenomenology and carnival production chain

    Maurice Merleau-Ponty sustained the world engages the body consciousness. 50 years after the publication of his “The Visible and the Invisible”, a group of teachers and artists enrolled on the theory and prac...

    Paloma Oliveira de Carvalho Santos, Ney Madeira, Danielle Cardoso Joia and Fernando da Silva Assumpção

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2017 4:3

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  2. Case Study

    Creativity and innovation for corporate happiness management

    In the system in which we are currently inserted, happiness and work seem to be completely exclusive words and without any possibility of association. The following study intends to show that it is possible to...

    José Augusto Nogueira Kamel, Caio Varela Martins, Mariana Batista Pessanha and Marcelo Weiler de Andrade

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2017 4:1

    Published on: 10 March 2017

  3. Review

    Assessment of smartphones using multimethodology

    Recent releases of mobile phones, announced by the media as “smartphones” have ever more high technology embedded and they are true handheld computers, where the characteristics of information processing, phys...

    Musbah Koleilat and Marcos Pereira Estellita Lins

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:22

    Published on: 13 September 2016

  4. Review

    Economics of Brazilian performing arts: financing and employment

    The paper attempts to assess and analyze the economics of Brazilian contemporary theatre, focusing on financing and employment indicators. It was considered only the official data published by public instituti...

    Manoel Silvestre Friques and Brayan Luque

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:21

    Published on: 24 August 2016

  5. Review

    Creativity, Production Engineering and entertainment industry

    In recent years, humanity has entered a new factory period, an age of electronic devices. The gadget-man working set and the mobility and abstract learning required by such gadgets leads Flusser (Mundo Codifi...

    Vinícius Carvalho Cardoso and Gabriel Bouhid Barradas

    Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 2016 3:20

    Published on: 22 July 2016