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Exploring the Internet of Things - the ubiquitous mobile user experience

Rongfang Bie, Dr Yunchuan Sun, Prof Peter Thomas, Dr Junsheng Zhang

  1. In this short text the authors claim that the challenges posed by Internet of Things cannot be managed with the current policy tools and research programs, as these are too slow and too instrumental. These cha...

    Authors: Rob van Kranenburg and Alex Bassi
    Citation: Communications in Mobile Computing 2012 1:9
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to extending the Internet to heterogeneous components such as actuators, sensors or other smart devices. In this vision, the IoT foresees novel usage of such devices through...

    Authors: Benoit Christophe
    Citation: Communications in Mobile Computing 2012 1:8
  3. With the development of advanced mobile devices and social network services, mobile social network (MSN) has become popular in recent years. This paper we present a new perspective of MSN, the opportunistic MS...

    Authors: Bin Guo, Daqing Zhang, Zhiwen Yu, Xingshe Zhou and Zhangbing Zhou
    Citation: Communications in Mobile Computing 2012 1:6
  4. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises huge potential economic benefits. However, current IoT applications are in their infancy and the full potential of possible business opportunities is yet to be discovered....

    Authors: Yunchuan Sun, Hongli Yan, Cheng Lu, Rongfang Bie and Peter Thomas
    Citation: Communications in Mobile Computing 2012 1:4

    The Retraction Note to this article has been published in Communications in Mobile Computing 2013 2:3