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Molecular Mechanism of Embryo Development and Cell Reprogramming

Leading Editors:
Dr. Shaorong Gao (Tongji University, China)
Dr. Wei Xie (Tsinghua University, China)

A thematic series in Cell Regeneration.

Embryo development is very complicate and precisely regulated, but the molecular mechanism is not well understood due to the limited material. Recently, single cell or very few cells multi-omics methods have been developed to investigate the molecular mechanism underlying complicate biological process. Elucidating the molecular mechanism of embryo development and somatic cell reprogramming will broaden our understanding on cell fate determination and stem cell biology. 

To highlight these progresses on embryo development and somatic cell reprogramming, Cell Regeneration is currently inviting submissions to its upcoming special issue on Molecular mechanism of embryo development and cell reprogramming. 

We will especially welcome Research, Method and Review submissions, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Regulation of primordial germ cell development and gametogenesis;
  • Epigenetic regulation of early embryo development including somatic cell cloned embryo;
  • Modeling peri- and post-implantation embryo development using embryos and stem cells;
  • Pluripotent and totipotent stem cells.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cell Regeneration will review all submissions prior to peer review and may reject any of them that do not fit the scope of the journal or do not meet the journal's standards for peer review. All articles of Thematic Series will undergo full, independent peer review, in line with the journal's ethical and editorial policies, outlined in its submission guidelines. There is no guarantee of acceptance, even for commissioned or invited papers. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief has a final authority on editorial content.

  1. Naïve pluripotent state can be obtained by several strategies from various types of cells, in which the cell fate roadmap as well as key biological events involved in the journey have been described in detail....

    Authors: Zhifen Tu, Yan Bi, Tengyan Mao, Hong Wang, Shaorong Gao and Yixuan Wang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2023 12:35