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Studies on Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth: Recent advances and Future Directions

Research into electromagnetic induction of Earth and planetary interiors has increased considerably. The research community has grown beyond the traditional focus of magnetollurics (MT) to include airborne, land, and marine controlled-source electromagnetics (EM); additional growth stems from the public availability of country-wide MT data sets, the recent application of EM methods to studies of geomagnetically-induced currents, and the accelerating development and application of three-dimensional EM methods. The 24th biennial electromagnetic induction workshop held in Helsingør, Denmark in August 2018 was a premier event for the international research community to exchange the latest developments in the field of electromagnetic induction. This special issue intends to promote the activity of this vibrant and growing research community and to foster future interdisciplinary studies within the broader earth and planetary sciences. We call for papers on general contributions presented at the 24th EMIW in addition to relevant studies that were not presented in the workshop.

Edited by Paul A Bedrosian, Gerhard Schwarz, Kate Selway, Pierre Wawrzyniak and Dikun Yang

  1. Content type: Technical report

    We introduce MoVFEM, a computational algorithm for the modeling of three-dimensional magnetotelluric (MT) data using a vector finite element method of specific order from multiple elements’ orders. Our algorit...

    Authors: Aixa M. Rivera-Rios, Bing Zhou, Graham Heinson and Lars Krieger

    Citation: Earth, Planets and Space 2019 71:92

    Published on: