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Employment Policies for Disadvantaged and Less-Skilled Workers

  1. Original article

    How to fight long-term unemployment: lessons from Germany

    The number of long-term unemployed in Germany has stagnated at around one million for several years. Despite excellent labour market conditions, the long-term unemployment rate is well above the OECD average. ...

    Alexander Spermann

    IZA Journal of Labor Policy 2015 4:15

    Published on: 10 August 2015

  2. Original article

    Testing a conditional cash transfer program in the U.S.: the effects of the family rewards program in New York City

    Family Rewards represents the first test of a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program in the U.S., offering families incentives for children’s education, family preventive health care and parents’ work and tra...

    Cynthia Miller, James Riccio, Nandita Verma, Stephen Nuñez, Nadine Dechausay and Edith Yang

    IZA Journal of Labor Policy 2015 4:11

    Published on: 13 June 2015