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Empirically-supported interventions in psychology

New Content ItemPsicologia: Reflexão e Crítica | Psychology: Research and Review welcomes submissions to a new thematic series on empirically-supported interventions in psychology. This series will be edited by Dr Eduardo Remor, in collaboration with guest editors Dr Rik Crutzen (Maastricht University) and Dr Andrea Horn (University of Zürich).

Empirically-supported practice has become a central issue in modern psychology. The purpose of this series is to promote effective psychological practice across a wide range of life domains by applying empirically supported principles of psychological assessment, case formulation, therapeutic relationship, and intervention.

With this series we want to welcome studies in which the goal is to identify causal relations between interventions and outcomes. The series will showcase leading research and practice contributing to our understanding on creating sustained improvements in psychological practice across a wide range of psychology fields. 

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • The description of empirically-based interventions in clinical psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology and behavioral medicine fields.
  • The design, conduct and reporting of pilot and feasibility studies in the field of clinical psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology and behavioral medicine fields.

To be considered for this series, manuscripts should be submitted to the journal's online submission system by 31st October 2018. For further guidance on preparing and submitting your manuscript, please see our submission guidelines.

This thematic series will be partially sponsored by MCTI/CNPq N24/2015 grant (442852/2015-0). The article-processing charge will be waived for all accepted manuscripts. To claim this, please select 'I would like to request a waiver of the article-processing charge for this article' during the submission process.

  1. Procedures that reduce errors while learning a repertoire play an important role in Applied Behavior Analysis for people with autism due to the detrimental effects that excessive exposure to error may have on ...

    Authors: Ana Carolina Cabral Carneiro, Eileen Pfeiffer Flores, Romariz da Silva Barros and Carlos Barbosa Alves de Souza
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:21
  2. Peers are the preferred source of help for Brazilian adolescents who experience dating violence. However, they are not always the best informants for effective responses for dealing with situations of violence...

    Authors: Karine Brito dos Santos, Sheila Giardini Murta, Luis Gustavo do Amaral Vinha and Juliana Silva de Deus
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:20
  3. Given that most young women with eating disorders do not receive treatment, implementing effective prevention programs is a public health priority. The Body Project is a group-based eating disorder prevention ...

    Authors: Ana Carolina Soares Amaral, Eric Stice and Maria Elisa Caputo Ferreira
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:13
  4. This study evaluated the effects and impact of a multicomponent positive psychology program for health promotion of retirees. A quasi-experimental longitudinal design was used, and the baseline and end of inte...

    Authors: Helen Durgante and Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:6
  5. Sleep problems are common in children and can have an effect on behavioral and emotional functioning. Despite the importance of sleep for children’s health, there is a lack of studies on this topic in Brazil. ...

    Authors: Renatha El Rafihi-Ferreira, Maria Laura Nogueira Pires and Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos Silvares
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:5
  6. Dialectical behavior therapy conceptualizes problematic behaviors as attempts to regulate emotions that occur when the individual lacks effective skills with which to manage his or her emotions and cope with d...

    Authors: Lucas André Schuster de Souza, Ana Carolina Maciel Cancian, Thiago Gomes de Castro and Margareth da Silva Oliveira
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2019 32:1
  7. Emotional intelligence (EI) has often been linked to improvements in professional performance. Indeed, generic competencies related to EI have been included in university curricula. However, learning EI involv...

    Authors: Raquel Gilar-Corbi, Teresa Pozo-Rico, Maria Luisa Pertegal-Felices and Barbara Sanchez
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:33
  8. Relationship education programs are strategies that can favor better marital quality and conflict management between spouses. The relationship education program “Living as Partners: Turning Challenges into Opp...

    Authors: Angélica Paula Neumann, Adriana Wagner and Eduardo Remor
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:26
  9. This study sought to evaluate the cultural adequacy of materials and procedures of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP 10-14-UK) and to identify requirements for its cultural adaptation to Brazilian famili...

    Authors: Sheila Giardini Murta, Larissa de Almeida Nobre-Sandoval, Marina de Souza Pedralho, Thauana Nayara Gomes Tavares, Carlos Eduardo Paes Landim Ramos, Deborah Allen and Lindsey Coombes
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:25
  10. Mindfulness-based interventions have been applied in diverse populations and achieved mental health benefits. This study examined the effects of a brief mindfulness program for emotional regulation and levels ...

    Authors: Roberto Chiodelli, Luana T. N. Mello, Saul N. Jesus and Ilana Andretta
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:21
  11. Various therapeutic approaches have been used to improve depressive symptoms in substance abusers. In a quasi-experimental study with a pretest-posttest design and experimental and control groups, we examined ...

    Authors: Sara Sahranavard and Mohammad Reza Miri
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:15
  12. The objective of this study was to describe and evaluate the effects of a pilot intervention on perceived stress, knowledge about hypertension, and illness perception among hypertensive and normotensive worker...

    Authors: Gerusa Estelita Pires, Ana Carolina Peuker and Elisa Kern Castro
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2017 30:26
  13. The present study aimed to evaluate the results obtained in the retirement preparation program (RPP) regarding changes in retirement planning behaviors, the meaning of work, and improvement in quality of life. It...

    Authors: Tanise Amália Pazzim and Angela Helena Marin
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2017 30:24

    The Correction to this article has been published in Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2018 31:10

  14. Autism is defined by persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction in multiple contexts as well as restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior. There are also reported difficulties in t...

    Authors: Cristina de Andrade Varanda and Fernanda Dreux Miranda Fernandes
    Citation: Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica 2017 30:15