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Frontiers in Fire Ecology

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The Association for Fire Ecology celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017 at the 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress. More than 350 research presentations highlighted advances in fire ecology and fire management science, policy, and practice.  A select group of presentations was identified by the Editors of this collection as being especially integral to the advancement of our discipline; presenters were invited to submit manuscripts for the Association’s Frontiers in Fire Ecology collection.

Not only does this compilation of manuscripts reflect an ever-increasing understanding of the role of fire in our world today, it also celebrates the novel contributions of young scientists in charting the future of fire ecology and management.  Together, these manuscripts reflect advances in technology, theory, ecology, modeling, workforce social dynamics, and the application of each of these to furthering the integration of fire as a driving force into the human-environment relationship. Frontiers in Fire Ecology represents current advances and directions for the future of fire ecology and related research.

Edited by: Karin Riley, Leda Kobziar and Andrew Hudak