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Fire Ecology Chats

Fire Ecology Chats is a collection of podcasts that discuss the origins, results, and implications of papers published in the journal Fire Ecology. Authors of Fire Ecology articles are interviewed about their papers and asked why their findings are important and what are the consequences of their findings. These podcasts are typically five to ten minutes long. Interviews are hosted by the Editor of the journal and attended by one or more authors on the paper. Fire Ecology Chats are a quick and exciting way to learn about important fire ecology research from the authors themselves and to decide if the paper is important enough to read for your area of study. 

If you are an author of a Fire Ecology article and would like to further market your paper, please learn about the different options on how you can communicate your research here.

  1. The realm of wildland fire science encompasses both wild and prescribed fires. Most of the research in the broader field has focused on wildfires, however, despite the prevalence of prescribed fires and demons...

    Authors: J. Kevin Hiers, Joseph J. O’Brien, J. Morgan Varner, Bret W. Butler, Matthew Dickinson, James Furman, Michael Gallagher, David Godwin, Scott L. Goodrick, Sharon M. Hood, Andrew Hudak, Leda N. Kobziar, Rodman Linn, E. Louise Loudermilk, Sarah McCaffrey, Kevin Robertson…

    Citation: Fire Ecology 2020 16:11

    Content type: Forum

    Published on: